The Sports is a physically and mentally competitive activity, in which minimum two individual or team are taking part to win. The purpose of sports is to improve physical skills & ability, learn technique, entertainment, sharp brain, physically fitness and desire to win. The sports is primary administrated by customs and series of rules for fair judgement OR competition. In India the sports are developed with Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports govern by National Sports Federation and controlled by Cabinet Minister. In India thousands of physically and mentally sports exists in which some popular physically sports are like hockey, swimming, athletics, cricket, boxing, cycling, table tennis, shooting, wrestling, football, golf, basketball, archery, handball, volleyball, rugby, cycling, gymnastics, kabaddi, motor race, netball and Etc and mentally are chess, carom, cards, snakes, ladders, polo and etc. Both male and female can participate in sports. In India, State and Central government departments like railway, banks, police, army, navy, air force and etc are regularly appoint candidates having sports activity. In which they basically recruit those applicants who represented the District, State, National and International events in South Asia Federation Games, Olympics, USIC Championship, Asian Games, Federation Cup, Commonwealth Games, Word Cup and Others. Candidates have graduation certificate from competent sports authority will be eligible to apply under sports category. The designation of candidates is increased as per their grade in sports activity like Grade “C” will appointed under 5200-20200 +Grade Pay and candidates of Grade “B” is on 9300- 34800+ GP and those having Grade “A” will be liable to recruit under 15600- 39100+ Grade Pay.

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